Double Diamond Euro 2012

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Dear All,

For less than 3 weeks from now, the Euro 2012 will be kick-off in Poland & Ukraine…

I believed all of us must be very excited & still remembered how Greece won the Euro 2004 & Denmark champions Europe in 1992…

Anyway, let’s look forward and enjoy the Euro 2012. Who will be at the top of Europe 2012?

England? New coach & Ronney missed the first 3 matches….
Spain? Can the defending champion defend their title this year?
Germany? Unbeaten in qualifying, but needs to fight their battle in “The Group of Death”!
Holland? Attacking football rules this time?
France? Underdog among the favorites?
Italy? Struggling from qualifying but no chance at all?
Portugal? Can the 2nd “Golden Generation” perform their best?
Poland & Ukraine? Weakest co-host ever? Will they upset & surprise the favorites?

Now, we are going to launch our Euro 2012 packages…

We are working with an Indonesian friend – Pak Hendro. He is a key operation guy who works in a company that controls 50% of the black-market of Indonesia’s soccer betting. Apart from that, his company also provides / controls betting sites for SBOXXX & IBCXXX.

For Euro 2012, Pak Hendro will be incorporating with us on two types of tips packages – OU and FT/HT tips. We call this – The Double Diamond Euro 2012

What is Diamond Euro 2012 O/U?
We will provide
• 31 x Euro 2012 Over Under Tips from 8th June to 1st July 2012
• 31 x Email Delivery at 10pm (GMT +8)

What is Diamond Euro 2012 HT/FT?
We will provide
• 31 x Euro 2012 HT/FT Tips from 8th June to 1st July 2012
• 31 x Email Delivery at 10pm (GMT +8)

What is HT / FT? How to bet HT / FT?
Bet on the half time and full time results of a designated match
HT/FT = Half Time / Full Time. HT/FT is a betting option in which your goal is to predict what is the result on the half time and what is the final result of the game. So for an example if you think that the game will be on tie (for an example 0-0) at the half time but after full time the home team has won (for an example 1-0) your HT/FT bet would be X/1. The most common HT/FT sports bet made by people is 1/1 meaning that they think that the home team will lead at the half time and will also end up winning the game. Some bookmakers also offer HT only betting, as the name suggest in that betting format you simply need to guess or know what the result will be at the half time and the full time result wont matter for the sake of your bet.

One Time Fee:
USD138 only for Diamond Euro 2012 O/U Package

USD 97 only for Diamond Euro 2012 HT/FT Package


Early Bird Promotion, you only
Pay USD 108 for Diamond Euro 2012 O/U Package (Valid Until 31th May 2012)

Pay USD 77 for Diamond Euro 2012 HT/FT Package (Valid Until 31th May 2012)


Why OverUnder25?
• Below 65% Winning rate – Money back Guarantee, No question Ask, 100% Risk Free
• Only allow 50 Seats for each package (Either Diamond Euro 2012 OU / Diamond Euro 2012 HT/FT / Double Diamond Euro 2012), base on first come first serve basis.
Early Bird Bonus (Valid Until 31th May 2012)

Early Bird Bonus #1
UEFA Euro 2012 – Official Preview Guide

This UEFA Euro 2012 Edition includes all info for EURO 2012 event and a comprehensive history of every Euro ever held, and etc…

This is a $21.00. It will be yours absolutely FREE

Early Bird Bonus #2

Free 25 x Over Under Tips of Diamond Membership package (during or after the Euro 2012)
25 Diamond Membership tips worth $37.

Total Value of Bonus is $58
Subscribe Both Packages is $235

Buy Both, you only pay $213 to join Euro 2012 O/U & HT/FT (Valid Until 31th May 2012)

Payment Method:
We accept PayPal and Moneybookers.
PayPal :
Please feel free to contact us at

See you all at the winning side

All the best
Oliver K
Always Inspire You

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